Jack Parow was singing Dans Dans Dans

Zara Nicholson

AFRIKAANS rapper Jack Parow says he is “cool” about being led off the stage midway through a concert in Newcastle when his lyrics upset some in the audience, and that he had a “rad time” regardless.

Parow, whose real name is Zander Tyler, was taken off the stage at the Vodacom Winter Festival on Friday night when a group, upset by his lyrics – which included profanities – physically threatened him.

One man nearly jumped on stage, but was pulled back by police called in to help festival organisers with the group.

A war of words erupted on the Newcastle Newspaper’s Facebook page, with people calling Parow a “satan slang (devil snake)” and a “disgrace to the Afrikaans language”. Others defended him and said they enjoyed his performance.

Speaking from Johannesburg, Parow said he had been unaware of the commotion until taken off the stage.

“I’m chilled. I wasn’t really worried about it. A few people didn’t like my music and that’s fine. You can’t make a million friends and not expect to make some enemies along the way.”

Parow said he was singing his song Dans Dans Dans when the microphone was taken from him by an organiser and he was led off stage. He then noticed police trying to calm a few men beside the stage.

“Some people don’t like the swearing. I was singing ‘Dans, dans f***en dans’. This one guy was shouting at me and said: ‘Why are you f***ing swearing?’, but that was funny because he was swearing at me.

“Then he said I made his children listen to my music. So I think that was his problem. But, ag, that was stupid, I don’t care. It was rad and the crowd were chanting my name for an half hour after that.”

Parow said he spent three hours after the show meeting people and signing autographs.

“It was a good vibe… It’s just the conservative Afrikaners who might have a problem with me, and if you’re going to put me on after blerrie Steve Hofmeyr, well, our fans are world’s apart. The good thing is he opened for me, and you know you made it when he opens for you.”

Parow said the incident added “action” to his show. “They had to tackle one guy to stop him from getting on to the stage. That was rad, made it more action-packed. I’m a bit bummed I didn’t get to see it.”

An organiser, Johan Pieters, said apologies had been made to visitors who were offended. Parow was one of the performers many had asked to see.

“We had to respect the people and took him off stage for his own safety. We apologised because it is a family show. In future we will take a more conscious decision about which celebrities we ask to perform.”

Parow said: “People know what I’m about and I’m not doing anything heavy on stage. I swear, everyone swears. I say who I am and I don’t make excuses for it.”

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