BREATHING SPACE: While some people opt to sleep in their underwear on hot summers nights, experts advise that a healthier option is to go without underwear.

London: When the temperature rises on a hot summer’s night, some of us strip down to our underwear to help keep cool in bed.

But, say experts, this could be doing more harm than good – with scientists claiming that sleeping in your underwear could lead to a host of health problems.

This is supposedly because constricting underwear affects the body’s ability to regulate temperature and hygiene between fabric and the skin, creating problems including irritation and infection.

Dr Brian Steixner, of the Institute for Men’s Health in the US, even warned that men who sleep in boxers or briefs can end up compromising their fertility, saying: “Your nether regions need to be just the right temperature to optimise sperm production.”

Dr Alyssa Dweck, a fertility expert, said it is better to strip off completely at night to let your nether regions “breathe”.

“I often tell my patients to sleep without underwear. If the area is constantly covered – especially by a fabric that’s not moisture absorbent – then moisture collects, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast,” said Dweck.

In extreme cases this could lead to severe chafing, irritation and infections, she warned.

She advised that anyone not keen on going without underwear could opt for a loose-fitting cotton pair. – Daily Mail