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SA shines at Shanghai Tourism Festival

By Staff Writer Time of article published Sep 19, 2019

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Cape Town – South Africa’s first-time participation in the Shanghai Tourism Festival proved a rousing success as performers got crowds on their feet, singing and dancing. 

The Mzansi One Tree Development Project, the Indoni Dance Arts and Leadership Academy and singer Vicky Sampson were among the performers at the festival, which came to an end on Wednesday, after six days. 

The Shanghai Tourism Festival is a large-scale event, with many art ensembles from all over the world having been invited. The festival is part of the Belt and Road Africa Council’s arts and cultural development programme. 

During past Shanghai Tourism Festivals, around 9 million citizens and domestic and oversea tourists have participated. 

Transport, meals, accommodation and a portion of their international flights were sponsored by the Belt and Road Africa Council and its council member, Nimagystix Travel and Consultant, as well as the Shanghai Tourism Festival. 

Dancer Amanda Guam said: “Being around different artists from different countries/continents was the highlight for me; the diversity was incredible. 

“When it comes to the speaking of languages, one might tend to think that if one doesn’t speak or understand a language, that is a barrier. Not at all! The experience I’ve had in the festival proved that wrong. 

“I learnt how easy it is sharing joy, gifts and love with people – without speaking to them or understanding the language they speak. 

"That made me realise speaking the same language is not the only thing that connects people.” 

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