Photo: Twitter
@mensa_wine is just an ordinary woman who wants to inspire everyone to live a great story. And the response in Cape Town shows it's working.

Using the #MensaBookList, Twitterati shared their favourite book pairing and Mensa wine.

@Throughthewine said: "I like my books like a good #CabernetSauvignon Bold, Full bodied, dark fruit and chocolate this book by @brandpretorius In the driving seat."

@WhiskyoftheWeek said: "My pairing suggestion for the Chardonnay Pinot Noir is ‘A brief history of Nearly everything'. From Bill Bryson."

@jonolef said: "Chardonnay Pinot Noir reminds of a Frank Miller graphic novel; entertaining in its own right, but elevated to another level by a lovely splash of pink." 

@cmpoulter said: "For days when you need some historical perspective on sustainability! I’m reading Caviar by Inga Saffron and have paired it with Mensa SB."

@melissa_nel said: "The dark and spicy Cabaret of @mensa_wine is paired with my book "The Ones With Purpose" by South African author @JeleCynthia. The book is about losing a family member to cancer, also families coming together."

@Winelands said: 'Rocks & Hard Places' by Alex Harris - my signed copy! :) What a story of courage and determination! Pairs well with @mensa_wine Cab's complexity and depth. #SAVineShare #MensaBookList #LiveAGreatStory (Summiting highest peaks on 7 Continents).