SPUD: Chicken gizzard and beans
SPUD: Chicken gizzard and beans
Mzanzi Cuisine 
Thuli Gogela
Mzanzi Cuisine Thuli Gogela

My name is Thuli Gogela. I’m a food blogger and a product developer who writes Mzansi Style Cuisine, a southern African food blog showcasing indigenous dishes, local foodies and products.

My reasons for focusing on indigenous food are that it is accessible, affordable, nutritious and delicious.

When I was a student at CPUT (the Cape Peninsula University of Tehcnology), the only time I would have any indigenous dish (except for Umphokoqo) was when I went home during school holidays.

Now that I am independent and working, I realise that I have to establish home where I am and cook these traditional dishes for myself rather than wait until I visit my family. Yes, some indigenous dishes may take longer to prepare, but nowadays we’ve got equipment to help us speed up the processes.

This column will help to showcase the ways of preparing indigenous dishes and to make it more appealing to the eye, palatable and nutritious.

In Mzansi, most cultures consume the whole animal and “nose to tail” is trending worldwide. For example, all parts of a chicken are eaten – the head, neck, gizzard, heart, feet and even intestines.

Therefore, the first dish to be presented includes chicken gizzards with beans. Pumpkin seeds are added as a seasoning and to give a bit of a nutty flavour, which is more recognised among Venda, Tswana and Shangaan cultures.

I hope that you will try the dish and enjoy it with your family and friends. Happy cooking!

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