Animal cruelty probe after ’officer shoots dog’

Tyson was put down after being shot by police during a drug and firearm raid in Broadlands, Strand.

Tyson was put down after being shot by police during a drug and firearm raid in Broadlands, Strand.

Published Jul 20, 2021


Cape Town - A case of animal cruelty has been opened against a police officer who allegedly shot and killed a dog while carrying out a search at a property in Broadlands, Strand.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA expressed its shock at the incident which claimed the life of canine, Tyson. He was shot with a rubber bullet, causing a gaping neck wound which eventually led to his death.

Confirming the incident, the SAPS said police had been searching for illegal drugs and firearms at the premises in Bromelia Street on March 22 when the dog became aggressive.

Spokesperson FC van Wyk said an animal cruelty case was opened for investigation after a joint operation was conducted by several SAPS units.

“The focus of the operation was to address rival gangs in the area and search for illicit drugs and firearms… According to reports, a dog on the said premises was aggressive and out of control when it attacked the member. To protect himself and his colleagues against the attacking dog, he fired one rubber round with a shotgun at it. The owner was present during this incident,” said Van Wyk.

The police report further detailed that SAPS members contacted the SPCA to assist the injured dog.

“The inspector who responded to the scene was chased away by the owner who then contacted Gordons Bay Animal Welfare for assistance. The matter is being investigated,” said Van Wyk.

The SPCA it was alerted to the incident when the inspector, Mark Syce, was called to the property for assistance.

“Tyson, who had been shot by a uniformed member of SAPS, had already been taken to the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Gordon’s Bay in a desperate bid to save his life and so, inspector Syce proceeded to inspect the property and interview witnesses,” the SPCA said.

According to Tyson’s owner, who detailed the incident to Syce, Tyson was in the yard when police arrived at their home.

“A policeman jumped out of one vehicle and immediately shot a rubber bullet through the gap in the fence. The bullet struck Tyson in the throat. He (the police officer) then chased after Tyson who had run to the back of the house and fired a few more rounds, one of which struck him on his back. The police then searched the home without a warrant,” the witness account read.

“There was (an approximate) 8cm wound that extended deep into the surrounding tissue… Given the extent of his injuries and the vet’s qualified opinion that Tyson would suffocate as a result of the swelling… (he) was put to sleep,” the SPCA said.

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