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'Bleeding' Delft pleads for residents to join neighbourhood watches

By Okuhle Hlati Time of article published Aug 6, 2019

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Cape Town – The Delft community policing forum (CPF) says six people, including father of one Clide Diamond, were killed in the area at the weekend.

Diamond, 39, his widow Berenice, 37, and their 4-year-old daughter Britney were shot in their sleep after gunmen entered their home on Saturday night.

Diamond died in hospital on Sunday while Berenice and Britney were receiving treatment. Two men were taken in for question regarding the incident.

CPF chairperson Charles George said: “Unfortunately, our area is still bleeding with six people murdered in different incidents and some injured at the weekend. 

"At this point we need people to avail themselves and join neighbourhood watches because we have 17 members and need about 100. 

"We have no choice but to join safety structures and try to improve our communities, because you get targeted even if you don’t join.”

George said a meeting would be held with the police cluster commander after residents called for the removal of the station commander.

Meanwhile, Cape Flats communities have called for intensified efforts to curb the gang violence.

Kensington and Factreton residents have resorted to dialling the 112 cellphone emergency number instead of their police during traumatic events of gang shootings in the community.

Community leader Nita Otto said: “When we say we are in a war zone people take this statement lightly because they will never understand what we mean until they come to stay in our communities. 

"Since Friday there have been a lot of shootings and the only thing we could do is pray that schoolchildren don’t get caught in crossfire when walking to school and back.”

Philippi East community leader Ncedo Marikeni said: “It seems like the R23 million spent on the deployment of the SANDF to assist our community will just be a waste of money because nothing has changed.

“We only saw them three weeks back for a few hours and they only did a roadblock on the main road.

“We have lost hope and don’t believe our lives are being prioritised because children aged 14 have guns and control our communities. 

"One person was killed close to our local police station over the weekend and another by the tavern where two people were killed last month.

“We have resorted to talking to taxi associations to assist us in patrols. The talks are still ongoing and fruitful,” he said. 

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