Karin van Wyk


Cape Town - Karin van Wyk did not think she had done particularly well in her final exams and so was very surprised when she was asked to attend Monday’s announcement of the matric results.

Karin, who is visually impaired and attended Pioneer School in Worcester, said all she had been told was that she was “one of the top achievers in one of the categories”.

BeforeMonday night’s announcement she said, “They wouldn’t tell us anything.”

Karin was one of a select group of pupils from across the country who had been invited to attend Monday’s event.

She first heard about her upcoming trip last Friday.

“My school’s principal called my mother,” said Karen.

“She also got a call from the Department of Basic Education.”

Van Wyk flew to Joburg on Monday morning and was expected to return on Tuesday morning.

Van Wyk, who has been blind since birth, having been born with a condition which affected her retinas, said she would never have expected to attend the results release.

“I really didn’t think I would do this well.”

She said her parents, who had travelled with her to be at the announcement of the results, had also not expected the phone call.

“They were just as surprised as I was.”

Van Wyk was thankful to the Pioneer School which had assisted her in achieving such good results.

“They have been very supportive. They have been encouraging. They helped us a lot with extra classes.”

She said she looked forward to sharing the news of her achievement with her teachers.

Van Wyk said she planned to take a gap year, but would like to take time to complete marketing and computer courses.

“Then I can really decide what I want to study at university,” she said.

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