Twitter users on the ANCs Western Cape account saw the platform spouting off insults about its own leadership.

Cape Town - The Western Cape ANC had to change its Twitter password after the account was hacked and “defamatory tweets” posted on it on Wednesday.

The account had been hacked for a few minutes when followers alerted the party’s officials. “We have reason to believe it was someone outside the party who did this because all of us were in a meeting when it came to our attention that our account had been hacked,” said ANC provincial spokesman Cobus Grobler.

He said the party apologised for what it referred to as rubbish tweets aimed at misrepresenting the ANC.

DA communication director Gavin Davis posted screen grabs of the tweets on the ANC’s Twitter account, which said: “JZ’s corruption is actually not doing us any favours, the man is damaged goods,” and “We have no strategy to win back the Western Cape against the DA – exhausted racism, rhetoric and and pretending we for the poor”.

Grobler said the tweets were deleted and the account’s password changed.

“We will investigate and take action.

“As we changed the password, the person stopped posting, which suggested it was someone from the outside,” he said.

The party later posted on its account, saying: “Apologies! This account was hacked by an unauthorised spammer… ”

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