Cape slaves freedom commemorated

Published Nov 29, 2017


This year’s Emancipation Day “Walk in the Night” will honour former slave, Lydia Williams(corr) and world renowned South African artist, Lionel Davis(corr).


The annual walk takes place tomorrow night, on the eve of the day the enslaved people of the Cape were legally freed on December 1, 1834.


Ex-Cape slave Lydia Williams, who was affectionately known as “Ou Tamelytjie”, celebrated the first day of December every year by inviting all ex-slaves and friends to her cottage to celebrate their freedom from slavery.


A former political prisoner and cultural activist, Lionel Davis’ worked in visual modes that ranged from the realist to the abstract and covered themes of everyday scenes as well as reflections on black and African identity.


Organised by the District Six Museum, the walk begins at the Zonnebloem Estate, moves through District Six and ends at the Lydia Williams Centre of Memory in Chapel Street with a night picnic.


The walk starts at 9:30pm at Zonnebloem Estate, everyone is invited and urged to bring along their picnic basket to commemorate this important day. 

WATCH: Hidden Heritage Slavery in South Africa at The Slave Lodge by Masala Film Works. 

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