The City’s executive director for safety and security, Richard Bosman Picture: African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town – A City metro officer who said she was sexually assault by her superintendent felt vindicated that the outcome of an investigation found her boss guilty.

The incident in 2018 sent the officer to the intensive-care unit (ICU) and when she arrived back at work, she was “isolated” and relegated to a back room of the Metro Police Department, she said.

The woman, who does not want to be named for fear of further intimidation, said she received an email notifying her that the investigation was complete and that her superintendent was found guilty on four charges, including abuse of power and sexual assault.

“I am so grateful to God, because if it wasn’t for the Lord this outcome wouldn’t have happened.

“The City talks big about being against sexual assault, but they have a case that they are trying to sweep under the carpet,” she said.

The officer went on to allege she was still suffering intimidation.

“They took away my vehicle and now I have to do the City’s work with my own car. They took half of my salary and I was moved to law enforcement in Bonteheuwel.

“I am suffering trauma as he is spreading lies about me,” she said.

The City’s executive director for safety and security, Richard Bosman, said the disciplinary process was completed and he was awaiting the outcome of the hearing process.

In reference to the officer’s intimidation allegations, Bosman said: “We are unaware of this and no complaint was registered to anyone thus far.

“The employee was moved more than a year ago after agreement was reached between her and the employer as an interim measure. 

"She is doing investigations in law enforcement, which is very similar to the duties she undertook with the Metro Police Department,” Bosman said.

Cape Times