Cape Town-160605-Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God clean up areas in Langa. Picture Jeffrey Abrahams

Andrea Chothia

WORLD Environmental Day was not spent in vain as 125 volunteers cleaned streets, parks and rivers in Langa yesterday.

The World Mission Society Church of God, an international organisation, together with global charity organisation Clean World Movement, did the clean-up to raise awareness about climate change.

As the volunteers swooped on Langa, people in 12 other countries participated in similar events.

The Langa clean-up included street, parks and rivers.

Church member and Rondebosch resident Alexander Rudniak said he was more than happy to be there.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said Rudniak.

He explained that Sundays were devoted to giving back to communities because the church holds its services on a Saturday.

“When you firmly believe in something, it is executed in your actions, and it is important to set an example that others might follow.”

Langa resident Sakhie Dlala, 25, works at Ikhaya le Langa (House of the Sun), an NPO which supplies a café and computer lab to students and the community of Langa.

The organisation partners with the City to make Langa cleaner, greener and safer.

“We decided to give the clean world movement a meeting place for today’s clean-up because they are meeting us halfway in terms of our vision.

“This initiative is good for Langa and it provides the people with hope of a healthier environment,” said Dlala.

The City’s solid waste management’s area head, Xolisile Mama, said he was thrilled to be tackling the clean-up in Langa.

“One day is not enough to clean Langa, we will definitely come back.

“World Environmental Day is one out of 365 days and it is up to the community to sustain this once we have left,” said Mama.

Volunteers Bongani Dubo 16, from Parklands, and Mandi Nongwe, 20, from Summer Greens, both agreed it is a pleasure to help in such initiatives. “It is a time to be united and help our community,” said Dubo.

Regarding people’s comments about the initiative, Dubo said: “We received so many thanks and a group of people said we should stay as united as we are.”

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