Cape Town - The City has launched and investigation following a footage with traffic officers “manhandling” a motorist whom they had stopped. The video which has gone viral shows Zainoedien Allie, 51, being arrested by traffic officers on Monday, when he assisted his brother who was being fined for driving with a cellphone.

Allie’s daughter, Bashiera, uploaded footage where Zainoedien is being arrested by a group of traffic officers in the parking area of a garage.

“The incident happened on Monday along Belmore Avenue. My uncle had tried to contact my dad but then a traffic officer pulled my uncle over for driving with a cellphone. My uncle told my dad he was pulled over by police and my dad went to where they were to assist my uncle,” Bashiera said.

It is understood Zainoedien then removed his brother’s sim card and battery from the handset that was to be impounded.

“My dad then wanted to leave from where they were still filling out paperwork for my uncle and that is when a traffic officer blocked his way. He was then ordered to get out of his vehicle by two traffic officers and one of them reached for his ignition and tried to remove his key and another opened his passenger door and unbuckled his seatbelt,” Bashiera said.

At this point, Bashiera said, officers then wanted to execute an arrest.

“My dad said to the officers he wants to know on what grounds he is being arrested but not one of them could answer him. Shortly after a group of traffic officers surrounded him after he told them he would co-operate but they then proceeded to man-handle him and flung him to the ground,” she said.

The footage shows Zainoedien being forced to the ground by a group of police officers and he wails in pain while being handcuffed by the group of officers.

“When he got to the police station after asking several times what he was being charged for, my father was told he was charged with hindering police proceedings, willfully not listening to a police officer and resisting arrest. He was detained at Lansdowne police station,” she said.

Mayco member for Safety and Security JP Smith said: “The City has been made aware of footage where several of our traffic officers are involved in placing a person under arrest. The allegation is one of police brutality.

“The City takes these allegations very seriously and the matter is receiving urgent attention, including a full investigation to determine what exactly happened,” Smith said.

He said the “overall conduct of the officers in terms of their behaviour at the scene, their professionalism, and compliance with the law” will have to be determined.

“We will also have to get the officers’ version of the events. The City calls on anyone with information about the incident to come forward and assist us in our investigation,” Smith said.