The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Management, Grant Twigg, congratulates Lucian Jacobs and Aneeqa Kiel on obtaining their driving licence. Photo: Supplied / City of Cape Town

Cape Town – The City of Cape Town on Friday rolled out a Code 8 driver training programme in and around the Wesbank area to help 23 people focus on their goal of obtaining a driving licence.

In a statement, the City said it would be covering the cost to book test dates, have photographs taken, pay for driving lessons and the hiring of a vehicle for the day of the driver's test.

The City said the programme would provide the full spectrum of services for each individual from the start until the finish line.

"This project is a prime example of our commitment to deliver services and empower our residents, especially young people," said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Management, Grant Twigg.

"The project has helped to bring hope to unskilled individuals as most of them do not have a formal qualification, or the necessary skills to seek employment."

Having obtained their driving licences, 21-year-old Aneeqa Kiel and 28-year-old Lucien Jacobs were part of the first intake of the programme in Ocean View.

"We are already seeing positive yields from this programme. I would like to congratulate Aneeqa and Lucian on obtaining their driving licences," Twigg said

"As we celebrate Youth Month, their success should serve as a source of inspiration to other young people. I wish them the best of luck but caution them to obey the rules of the road."

The City said through this project it is giving individuals a hand in accessing a basic skill, which will, in turn, assist them to become more marketable for employment.

"When this project was put together, we looked at it through the eyes of our beneficiaries to determine what they would need, from start to finish. It would’ve been pointless to provide financial assistance to only cover a portion of the costs," Twigg said

"What would happen to the individual thereafter, as many cannot afford to pay for a driving lesson, let alone all the months of lessons needed to be ‘road-ready’ for their test."

Twigg said it is for this reason the project will play a critical role in assisting the individual learner drivers holistically to obtain their driving licence.

The project will be rolled out to other areas in the coming months and youth interested in participating can contact their ward councillor for more details.

African News Agency