There was a strong community presence at the Bellville Magistrate’s Court yesterday where residents opposed the bail application of Karabo Tau, accused of kidnapping 2-month-old Kwahlelwa Tiwane. Picture: Courtney Africa / African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town – In her own words, Karabo Tau “took 2-month-old Kwahlelwa Tiwane”, but has yet to reveal where the child is.

The Claremont High School matric pupil appeared calm as she made her second court appearance in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where she stands accused of kidnapping.

The investigating officer, Solomzi Nguda, told the court that in a statement, Tau said she had taken the child. 

“The accused in her own writing wrote that she took the child because she was threatened and the (previous) investigating officer gave me the name of the person who threatened the accused,” he said.

Nguda said the person was someone within Tau’s immediate circle.

“We got a lead after speaking to her boyfriend - and I am now following that lead and, as soon as I can, I will bring someone before the court. 

"We are now working around that circle. I still have to go to Parow to speak to this person.”

Karabo Tau Picture: Facebook

Nguda further said that Tau was in her school uniform when he first met her at the Harare police station.

Nguda said he supported her not getting bail for a number of reasons, including for her safety, because the community was angry.

“We are also dealing with a group of people and if she is out, that will jeopardise the case and I have to get that child.”

After posing as a social worker named Monica, Tau allegedly lured Kwahlelwa’s mother, Asanda Tiwane, who was desperate for financial assistance, to Parow, where she then disappeared with Kwahlelwa.

Little Kwahlelwa Tiwane is still missing.

Tau said she would be able to help the mother with food vouchers and money, and gained her trust over a number of days as she visited their home in Khayelitsha.

The court gallery was packed with family and friends of the accused who were there to hear the case.

Supporters of Kwahlelwa’s family also attended the proceedings.

Kwahlelwa’s father, Siyanda Thugane, said their hopes were slowly diminishing.

Mother Asanda Tiwane and father Siyanda Thugani outside the Bellville Magistrate’s Court. Picture: Courtney Africa/African News Agency (ANA)

“We are glad she didn’t get bail. It’s been a week now and they still haven’t found him. We are trying to be positive, but the hope that he will be found is getting less by the day.”

The Western Cape Education Department confirmed that Tau was a pupil at Claremont High School.

Tau’s family refused to speak to the media outside the court yesterday.

She is expected back in court on Monday for the rest of her bail hearing.

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