File photo: Brenton Geach / African News Agency (ANA) Archives
The Grassy Park Community Policing Forum (CPF) has called for a ban on toy guns, saying children are impressionable and use them to imitate gangsters.

The CPF is planning to shortly engage the Department of Trade and Industry, forum spokesperson Philip Bam said.

“We call on the authorities to ban the sale of these imitation guns.

“The law (Act 60 of 2000) declares it illegal ‘to be in possession or to point anything which is likely to lead a person to believe it is a firearm’.

“If it is illegal to be used, why allow it to be sold in this country. We call for courage on the part of our government to ban the sale of such imitation guns.

“These should be removed from shelves forthwith because these shopkeepers are in possession of an illegal object,” Bam said.

Last weekend three people were killed in shooting incidents in the area. He said the forum received reports daily of young people running around with guns.