Cape Peninsula University of Technology Photo:
To mark Women's Day, 50 students cleared their schedules to work in the place of domestic cleaners at their residence in Woodstock.

Some students prepared coffee and muffins for the domestic cleaners, while others cleaned the residence and sang songs praising women.

Among the students, Pasma and PAC youth member Buchule Mkokeli said the initiative was an example of what men could do to appreciate women.

“We are students residing at New Market Junction (South Point), we took this initiative to help the cleaners. We are doing their chores to show our appreciation, love and respect. 

"We are saying we have not forgotten their leadership in society and it is because of hard working women such as them that we are students today so it is only right to give back.”

House committee member Anda Dingela said: “It is our way of giving back to our mothers and women, we come from very far areas (Eastern Cape and other provinces) so to us they are like our mothers.”

Chemical engineering student Sinethemba Ncomfu said: “Many people got the luck to be at home with their families on Women's Day.

"We felt that it is right for us as students to do these chores to provide them with coffee and biscuits, so that they can also feel at home.”

Cleaning staff supervisor Babalwa Tshangana said: “I have many years working at South Point; I think it is six years. Today, we were enlightened by the work done by the students. It shows that they appreciate us as women."

The initiative spread to other Cape Peninsula University of Technology student residents from Cape Town and Bellville.