Some of the abalone recovered on Tuesday in St James after five poachers evaded law enforcement officers by fleeing into the sea. Photo: City of Cape Town

Cape Town – Teaming up with SA National Parks rangers enabled the City's Marine Unit to disrupt poaching operations in the Oliphantsbos area of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. 

On Wednesday, the officers recovered about 25 nets from the ocean and over 400 crayfish, of which some "in berry" were returned to the sea off Cape Point, Chief Inspector Wayne Dyason of the Cape Town Metro Police said.

"While the officers were rescuing the crayfish, the poachers attempted to run their boat into the officers' boat in an attempt to force them onto rocks. 

"The officers managed to thwart this attempt to intimidate them and continued removing the nets from the sea after the poachers retreated."

On Tuesday, Law Enforcement auxiliary officers spotted five divers in the water in the St James area. They called in the local neighbourhood watch and the Marine Unit to assist and waited for the divers to return to shore. 

"When the divers returned, the officers pounced, but the divers abandoned the abalone and quickly fled back to sea, where they disappeared into the night," the City said.

A total of 268 shucked abalone and 134 unshucked abalone were recovered. 

Also on Tuesday, Law Enforcement officers from Camps Bay disrupted another poaching operation when they retrieved 12 abalone and one crayfish from the rocks in the Cosy Bay beach area just past Camps Bay.