“People have been held at gunpoint for their belongings at any hour of the day" in Woodstock, "but this also especially happens when dark”. File photo: Pixabay
Cape Town – Police have admitted that crime in the Woodstock area is on the rise, with six arrests for theft, robbery and property crimes made since the beginning of this month.

The Animation School in Searle Street appears to have become a hot spot for crime after a number of students were robbed coming to and from campus.

The institution, its students and the Woodstock Improvement District have scheduled a meeting next week to discuss the situation and ways to keep safe, while police have increased visibility.

School principal Nonu Martins said the spate of crimes was a major concern for the 24-hour campus, with at least two students robbed in the last week. 

“In the past there have been incidents of theft and robberies, but in recent years the perpetrators have been attacking victims with weapons, which is of major concern, especially for our staff and students.

“Recently, we had an incident where two students walked to their cars together when they were approached by two suspects, one with a gun. The perpetrators made off with a range of items in two backpacks,” said Martins.

Martins said continuous efforts were made to warn and create awareness around safety at campus.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a school employee said: “People have been held at gunpoint for their belongings at any hour of the day, but this also especially happens when dark.”

Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said they had received several cases of theft out of vehicles and common robbery. Along with the six arrests, police visibility had also been increased.

Cape Times