Patricia de Lille. Photo: PHANDO JIKELO/ANA
Patricia de Lille. Photo: PHANDO JIKELO/ANA

De Lille vs Mazzone: Trading harder blows after mayor's open letter

By Patricia de Lille Time of article published Jun 29, 2018

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Mayor Patricia de Lille's open letter to DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council Natasha Mazzone:

I am writing to you, as the latest appointed scripted spokesperson tasked with smearing my name on the DA’s behalf.

I note, from your interviews and written communication pertaining to this matter, that your knowledge of my case is seriously lacking. I am therefore taking it upon myself to brief you and bring you up to speed, since no one in the DA appears to have done so.

You have been repeating that I “breached the Code of Conduct for Councillors as well as the Constitution of the DA, had brought the DA into disrepute, and breached the conditions of 'my' suspension.”

You also say that I am being charged for corruption when there is not a single corruption charge against me.

I have literally spent the past seven months waiting for the evidence of these transgressions, including today, where the DA failed to produce said evidence in court once more.

Simply repeating what you have heard, doesn’t make it true. Yet, here you are, rather mindlessly repeating the accusation without any evidence or context.

This is the very problem with the way that you have been conducting yourself. Clueless, to the extent that I had to correct your lies on EWN.

I am sure by now it must be clear to the public that the DA refuses to give me the evidence pertaining to these so-called “serious allegations”, because you don’t want to give me a fair chance to defend myself.

You, on behalf of the DA, want to repeat allegations in public, but I am denied the opportunity to defend myself in public. I also note all the lies on your Blue Bulletin and I am in the process of preparing my civil suit for defamation.

It is disgusting that you attack the judiciary. Please leave my advocate, Dali Mpofu SC, alone, because the court has just ordered the DA to pay for his services.

Yesterday you made reference to the Bowmans Investigation and that I refused to co-operate. Lies, again. You should not be speaking on matters if you are not properly informed.

I have had three meetings with Bowmans and I have always welcomed the investigation and pledged my co-operation. I am in the process of finalising my responses.

In addition, it is government business, and you would do well to respect the separation between party and state.

Like all previous scripted spokespersons, my advice to you is to read and understand your script, before you so eagerly do interviews. You would be wise to heed my advice. It is about time that you allow the actual spokesperson for the DA, Solly Malatsi, to do his job.

All the best.

Patricia de Lille

DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council Natasha Mazzone's reply:

Dear Ms De Lille, 

We have noted your open letter, the purpose of which seems to be to continue to mislead the people of Cape Town and South Africa.

While you are determined to drag this matter out, we are committed to serving the people of Cape Town. Just today, the City announced the fantastic news that we have managed to push out Day Zero for 2019 if consumption is maintained.

Again, while your focus is on personal and vitriolic attacks, we continue to do what we were elected to do.

The modus operandi of singling out and attempting to bully and intimidate those who speak up against your actions and the serious allegations against you, are the very same tactics which led 75% of your own caucus to lose confidence in you.

I wish to point out that I represent the party not as a spokesperson, but rather as one of the Deputy Chairpersons of the Federal Council.

While you may think a bully tactic such as this would keep me, or the DA, from pursuing accountability and ensuring that good governance always comes first, I wish to inform you that I have never, and will never, be bullied into silence.

Instead of trying to bully me, you should answer key questions that you have consistency dodged.

Did you SMS Councillor Limberg asking that the then City Manager be scored highest because you want to keep him, yes or no?

Why did you refuse to co-operate with the ongoing Bowmans investigation into maladministration in the City?

Why did you publicly attack and seek to intimidate two whistleblowers in the City?

Did you unduly influence the appointment of Limia Essop because you have a personal relationship with her? Yes or No?

No one person is bigger than the people we are elected to serve.

It is our job, as public representatives, to always prioritise the people we are elected to serve. Ours is not to be self-serving and be embroiled in nasty mud-slinging.

It is unfortunate that you have chosen to make this personal and not about the people of Cape Town and accountability. However, we will not be deterred from the commitment we made to the citizens who elected us.

Kind regards

Natasha Mazzone

DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council

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