Delft drama hopeful lands lead role in local production

Angelica Jeremias has landed a leading role in a local production “Death Angel”.

Angelica Jeremias has landed a leading role in a local production “Death Angel”.

Published Dec 18, 2023


A Delft drama and media student is well on her way to realising her dreams after landing the lead role in a local production “Death Angel”.

Angelica Jeremias, from Leiden in Delft, said she never thought her dreams would become a reality after her mother read an article in the “Cape Times” about an audition and later received a call from production team, Touched by Style (TBS) community arts and films.

Jeremias landed the lead role after initially auditioning for a supporting role but impressed TBS founder Patrick Lategan with her acting prowess.

The 20-year-old actress began her career in small roles in varsity short films such as “A Secret”.

Coming from a disadvantaged and fractured community, Jeremias said her love for stage and acting was a creative introduction to motion pictures, which kept her motivated to become an ambassador for youth who want to be in the same industry.

“At the time there were many promising film-makers with potential short-film productions that never materialised, (but) doubting that my talent and how I represent my community in film will ever happen.

“My mother, Hannelie Jeremias, read an article in the ‘’Cape Times” and sent an email to the address in the article. Within an hour there was a response to audition. It was a very speedy process and worth the effort,” said Jeremias.

Jeremias added that she never thought her first big break would be as a superhero.

“I never thought becoming a superhero will take so much training. The firearm training is like an adrenalin rush and the cast is very much supportive. Our community needs superheroes. Even if it’s someone giving food to a family that’s hungry, I consider such a good deed as heroism,” said Jeremias.

She said she hopes to start drama and reading classes for youth eager to work on their talent.

Lategan said this production will “set a new course in local talent and dark fantasy action”.

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