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Cape Town – Stellar Foundation, a non-profit organisation, has promised to raise funds to help the disadvantaged Steilhoogte Primary School in Vredendal, Namaqualand, acquire 30 iPads.

“We are going to help them collect money, as they also need facilities such as a library. We will do this by generating funds through our overseas contacts for the iPad project.

“We hope to have the funding for the iPads, with the co-operation of the Steilhoogte Primary School, at least by February next year,” said foundation spokesperson Liezel Rossouw.

The foundation estimated that at about R6 000 each the 30 iPads will cost about R180 000.

“Today’s technology will provide them with near-unlimited possibilities to address learning restrictions and enrich every learner as much as possible,” she said.

Steilhoogte’s principal Hermanus Spamer, in acknowledging the foundation’s initiative, said: “I’m very grateful and excited about the offer. It is a happy expectation.

“Our school is going to be 60 years old next year, but it has developed drastically over the past five years as a result of various partners that got involved with the school.

“It is a quintile 1 school, meaning that it is among the poorest of (South African) schools you can get. We have 276 pupils.

“We did well and are privileged to have all the roleplayers involved with our school.”

The Stellar Foundation aims to improve the lives of all farm labourers on the Stella Multi-Estate.

The foundation is associated with the Stellar Empowerment Trust, of which the farm workers on the Stella Multi-Estate are beneficiaries.

The trust owns 25% of shares in the Stellar Winery, while projects of the foundation range from gardening projects to primary health care and other issues.

The Stellar Foundation was set up as an independent NPO to manage social and economic development projects on organic grape producing farms and towns near Stellar Winery.

Businesses wishing to become involved in projects like these can visit the Stellar Foundation’s website at to make a difference.

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