File picture: Skyler Reid
A domestic worker allegedly assaulted, forced to strip naked and called a b****,  before she was threatened with rape by six young men, is overwhelmed by the support she has received while overcoming her “harrowing ordeal”.

Khayelitsha resident Tamara Marman, 53, alleges she was humiliated by the group of young men, including her employer, who accused her of stealing R132 000.

Marman said she had been working for the man for about two years and never been accused of stealing.

Yesterday, Marman told the Cape Times the incident occurred at her employer’s residence in the Cape Town CBD on June 22.

“I was knocking off for the day but did not have taxi fare. I then asked my employer for taxi money. That is when I was slapped about seven times, accused of stealing money and was asked to take my clothes off. 

"I did not know anything about the money they were talking about. They asked me to open my legs. At some point they threatened to rape me,” she said.

“They then asked me what do I have to repay the money and I told them I did not have anything. They threatened to take out my kidney.”

Marman said there were initially five men at the apartment and a sixth person, who she did not know, was called to the residence before she was let go.

“He also got involved. At some point they left and locked me inside. They said they were going to the police station to open a case against me. 

"It was my employer who intervened and stopped them. They let me go and organised an Uber for me,” she said.

The alleged assault started about 4pm and Marman was freed after 10pm, she said. She has yet to receive counselling.

“I am old enough to be their grandmother. I never thought this would happen especially under the watch of my employer,” she said.

“They are students. The one who is my employer is studying at Stellenbosch University. I have never had a problem with him in the past. I am still battling to sleep at night but I have received enough support from a lot of people.”

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said detectives were investigating a common assault and intimidation case.

“At the same time, the employer also registered a case docket of theft of cash to the alleged value of R132 000, two case dockets have been clustered and handed over to one detective for further investigation,” he said.

“The complainant was interviewed by the investigating officer approximately two weeks ago to update her and explained that the case dockets will be investigated by one investigator. 

"Cape Town Central Police hereby would like to extend a warm hand of welcome to the complainant to arrange for a trauma counselling session.”

When contacted for comment, the employer, who refused to give his name, said: “She robbed us. I don’t know why she is claiming someone was aggressive. 

"We interrogated her. She is coming up with stories because she doesn’t want to admit she stole R150 000 from us.”