Donations for GBV victim will help make Christmas special

Published Dec 22, 2023


To make Christmas special for a mother – who nearly lost her life last month, allegedly at the hands of her estranged husband – and her children, non-profit organisation Hope for the Future has called on the public to help make a difference by assisting with donations, be it, food, clothes or monetary.

The 40-year-old woman, a domestic worker from Heideveld, had been separated from her husband for two years. However, she said the abuse continued daily.

“He would knock on the doors loudly at all hours, hit the windows, broke them, shout and swear at me in the block of flats, humiliating me even though I am the mother of our child.

“On Tuesday morning, I was at the shop, getting porridge for my son. Then he attacked me. I hit him back, so he stabbed me in the chest. While I put down the stuff I had bought, he grabbed me from behind and slit my throat,” she said.

The incident resulted in the woman receiving two stitches in the chest and 11 stitches in her neck.

At the time she had just started a new job. “I asked myself, why? I worked so hard, I was building my independence. All I wanted was to make Christmas special for children, cook them a nice meal and buy them nice clothes to dress up. Every child looks forward to Christmas.”

Hope for the Future founder, Vanessa Nelson, who had been assisting the woman with counselling, police and court process, said when it dawned on her that the mother was not in a position to provide, she felt she had to do something.

Nelson said: “While we were in court this week, I realised with her not working now, she’s going home but there’s nothing for her children to eat. We made up a food parcel and dropped it off. As I left, I called her over and asked her if the children were all sorted for Christmas; she said no but God will provide.

“We need to do something to make this time special for them. Christmas is about the spirit of giving and it will only brighten up their lives, during a very difficult time.”

To offer donations or support to the family, Nelson can be contacted on 076 073 6777.

Cape Times