Drama as MKP supporters attack former party leader



Published Jun 4, 2024


The uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) has remained mum over the violent scenes which overshadowed the legal matter between the MKP and its founder, Jabulani Khumalo, over ownership of the party at the Electoral Court sitting in the Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg.

This comes after Khumalo was attacked by visibly angry MK Party supporters who were outside the court, following the Electoral Court’s hearing regarding the ownership and leadership of the party.

Khumalo recently alleged that its now leader Jacob Zuma was “unlawfully” named as the MK leader by the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC). This while Zuma has reiterated that Khumalo was only an interim leader and was given orders to register the party on his behalf.

The attack on Khumalo comes just two days after its spokesperson, Nhlamulo Ndhlela, said the party was not violent during a media briefing at the IEC results centre in Midrand.

Ndhlela, who chaired the briefing on Saturday, rejected claims in the media that the MK Party was a violent organisation.

“Just last night, our party lost two of its members. Yet you want to portray us as violent. This narrative you are trying to drive that the MK Party is a party of violent people must come to an end.

“When you as the media report, you must report responsibly; president Zuma has never ever uttered words of violence. The values of this party are that of its leader, president Zuma. You have never heard president Zuma raise his voice. This narrative of violence must come to an end,” he said.

However, chaos erupted on Monday outside court after the matter was heard.

Media reports also indicated that party supporters attacked Khumalo as pelted him with objects, resulting in security guards crashing into two cars while trying to escape the volatile situation. Some members said they rejected being led by Khumalo.

The court heard that the application was a waste of the court’s time and abuse of court processes. This was submitted in court by advocate Dali Mpofu SC, representing the MK Party and Zuma.

“I just want to start here by almost apologising that we have to be here with such a matter which is a waste of the court’s time, and that it is why in our heads (of argument) we say it is unfortunate and embarrassing that this count has to convene on an urgent basis for a matter based on frivolous, baseless, unsubstantiated and false so-called evidence,” Mpofu told the packed court, sitting in the High Court in Johannesburg.

“This is at best an abuse of the court process and I talk about costs at the end. Essentially, what we are here for is a concoction of demonstrable lies by Mr Khumalo, made-up stories, defamation of character, in particular of former president Zuma, Ms Zuma-Sambudla, and the people who used to be in the interim national leadership corps with him.”

Khumalo’s lawyers argued that the IEC should not have accepted a letter from Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla. They said Khumalo’s letter alerting the IEC of his resignation from the party should have been verified.

Mpofu revealed that Khumalo wrote two letters to the IEC, and the commission also confirmed receiving them, despite Khumalo claiming that his resignation letter sent to the commission was forged by Zuma-Sambudla.

Khumalo is adamant he is the sole owner and founder of the now National Assembly-represented party with 58 seats.

The matter was reserved.

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