CAPE of Good Hope SPCA inspectors rescued brother and sister Duke and Duchess and are now looking for a home for them.
Cape Town - A brother and sister dog duo which were rescued from a home where they were likely being groomed for the fighting pit by being incited by their owners to attack each other, are finally ready to be adopted.

Duke and Duchess captured Cape of Good Hope SPCA senior inspector Lizl Pienaar’s heart and she was determined to do all she could to save the siblings from a life of suffering.

With the SPCA armed with a warrant and accompanied by police, the dogs were removed from their respective owners who were both charged with animal cruelty in terms of the Animal Protection Act No 71 of 1962.

“With Duke and Duchess safely in our care, all we could do was prepare for court and wait. Over a year later, senior inspector Pienaar took the stand and spoke on Duke and Duchess’ behalf. Magistrate Banwari of the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court heard the case and handed down a swift judgment. The SPCA said the accused, Allistair Williams and Richard Solomons, were sentenced to six months imprisonment, wholly suspended for five years, on condition that they are not again convicted of contravening any of the provisions of section 2 of the Act during the period of their suspension.

“Furthermore, the court also ordered that both accused be deprived ownership of the dogs and that Duke and Duchess were to be surrendered to the CoGH SPCA” the SPCA said.

To apply to adopt Duke and / or Duchess, contact adoptions on 0217004152.

Cape Times