Orderick Lucas Photo: Supplied
Cape Town – As Orderick Lucas murder and kidnap accused Melvin Volkwyn was expected to appear in court today, the 18-month-old toddler’s family was preparing for his funeral tomorrow.

Orderick will finally be laid to rest after his body was found in a stormwater drain on April 2, nine days after he was reported missing on March 24.

Volkwyn was expected to make his formal bail application at the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court today.

Earlier this week, the state added a charge of murder. In addition, Volkwyn faces charges of kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice.

Cornelia Scheepers, Orderick’s grandmother, said they were emotional as they prepared to say their final farewells to her youngest grandchild.

Scheepers said her daughter, Davidene Lucas, was taking it “very hard”.

“Davidene can’t believe it and she has had a really tough time since seeing Orderick’s body for the first time since he went missing. She saw his body on Monday just before he was released to the funeral home in preparation for the funeral. 

"It has been a tough week and all the emotions have been opened raw again. She has been crying a lot. She is really taking it very hard,” said Scheepers.

After hearing from a friend that Volkwyn was accused of Orderick’s murder, Scheepers said they were shocked.

“We were really hoping that he was possibly covering for someone else who might have done it. Davidene cried when she heard because they were friends and she trusted Melvin with Orderick. 

"We were not in court earlier this week, but we will be attending (today’s) hearing,” Scheepers said.

Forensic Pathology Services spokesperson Mark van der Heever said an autopsy was conducted on Orderick’s body on April 3, a day after he was found.

“The autopsy was performed, but additional investigations were required to assist with the cause of death determination. 

"Visual identification was not possible and scientific identification was required. DNA was retained and submitted to the SAPS who were responsible for the identification.

“Our Forensic Pathology Services can only release the findings to SAPS and the family of the deceased and then hand over the body to undertakers or families once all post-mortem investigations have been completed,” said Van der Heever.

Orderick will be buried out of the Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Centre in Kleinvlei tomorrow at 8am.

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