Family responds to allegations

Image of Farhad Dockrat taken in the Storms River village in Tsitsikamma

Image of Farhad Dockrat taken in the Storms River village in Tsitsikamma

Published May 17, 2013


The Dockrat family issued the following statement in reply to the allegations:

* The CIA has made the allegation that in 2001 Farhad Dockrat handed an amount of some R400 000.00 to the Al-Akhtar Trust. American authorities nor CIA have been able to prove the allegation . The Karachi-based Al-Akhtar Trust was only listed on 14 October 2003 as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity. Prior to that it ostensibly operated as a charitable organisation and orphanage.


The United States decided to propose a listing of Farhad and Junaid Dockrat as international terrorists on the United Nation’s listing for an alleged donation two years before Al Akhtar was listed.

Can it surprise anyone that our government did not support the listing purely on a rule of law basis – even if it was proved that the money was handed over?

The South African government quite correctly and in accordance with its constitutional obligation refused to support the listing of Farhad and Junaid Dockrat at the United National Security Council of Terrorists. The listing endeavour failed.

When the allegations were made both Farhad and Junaid Dockrat went on record and were prepared to answer all questions at any interview from any authority.

* Farhad has been under constant surveillance by the government. His privacy has been breached on SA soil in the most unjustifiable manner and unheard of in our constitutional democracy.

Farhad’s telephones were bugged. Hidden surveillance cameras were placed outside his work place, home and business. It is a fundamental breach of the right to privacy at any level and most offensive to our constitutional democracy.

Yet, in spite of these human rights infringements and the extent to which alien intelligence agencies have broken South African law, they have not been able to find any unlawful activity on the part of Farhad. Is that not enough?

* Is it so surprising then that the spying activities from the South African National Intelligence Agencies ceased. If the investigations ceased prior to the 2010 world cup, either the investigators must have been very confident that Farhad was not a threat to the world cup or they must have been engagingly naive about an Al Qaeda threat.

* There was no “military style” obstacle course. Farhad put into place obstacle courses, including rope climbing, tree climbing, crawling through drums and other fitness obstacle courses. These were installed openly and not covertly. The Zoo Lake in Johannesburg has a jungle gym with similar obstacle courses. How does that become illegal and how is that linked to Al-Qaeda?

* Greylock; A decisive judgment was granted in favour of Greylock by the honourable Justice Saba against the neighbours. The family also accused the neighbours and the golf course home owners of racism.

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