Fikile Mbalula determined to plug the leaks

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula addressed the media in Johannesburg on Monday on the outcomes of Umkhonto weSizwe trademark court case. Picture: X/ANC

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula addressed the media in Johannesburg on Monday on the outcomes of Umkhonto weSizwe trademark court case. Picture: X/ANC

Published Apr 23, 2024


ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula has suggested that his party will seek the state’s protection after a crucial recording from their the national executive committee (NEC) meeting was leaked.

“If it was the ANC intercepting meetings of political parties, you will accuse us of misusing state resources,” said Mbalula.

The recording includes critical comments about the ANC leadership on what Mbalula described as “a simple conversation” preparing for the elections.

Although it is still unknown who leaked the recording, Mbalula said they will ensure that they find the “mischievous” individual who is behind the leak. “We will catch them, we don’t have the means, we will ask the state because you are interfering with our freedom. We will ask the state that we seek protection because we don’t have illegal means, we are liberated and fought for freedom, our rights are in the bill of rights like all political parties,” he said.

The meeting took place last week.

In the recording, President Cyril Ramaphosa can be heard urging members to work around getting at least 14 million votes to win the elections.

“For us to win the elections, we have to get about 13 to 14 million votes to be assured of a clear victory, so there’s much work to be done and if there’s leadership that can do it, it’s this leadership,” he is heard saying.

He also could be heard complaining about the NEC’s failure to meet its commitments, adding that there were volunteers across the country who needed to be energised.

In the meeting, ANC head of elections Mdumiseni Ntuli presented a report highlighting the party’s campaign plan to remain in power.

He cited Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga as an example of successfully communicating and promoting the ANC’s projects through her department.

Ntuli emphasised the need for similar efforts across all provinces, urging MECs to follow Chikunga’s example in communicating the party’s work effectively to the public.

Speaking during a press briefing on Monday, Mbalula slammed EFF leader Julius Malema, who publicly mentioned on Friday that he has the leaked recording of the ANC NEC meeting.

He said Malema was not questioned about how he obtained the recording of the meeting but asserted that this would be the last time that it happened.

“We come from a period where state institutions were used and it was alleged they are actually being used in political affairs. We came from there and we took a stand that never again will be allowed under our watch,” Mbalula said.

“It is illegal to intercept meetings.

If the ANC was going to make its business to intercept meetings of political parties, you will be accusing us of using state resources against our opponents.

“I have no doubt, if I can stand here and say I have a recording of the DA, the first question you are going to ask is what business do you have to record your opponents.”

Mbalula claimed this only appeared now because it’s an election period and they are accused of misusing state resources. He maintained that the ANC has access over the state and police their public representatives, adding that when everyone blamed his party for load shedding, no one asked where he got the reports.

“We have reports and brief you as the media, never have we come with this notion that we are abusing state resources. We are in an election campaign and everyone is accusing the ANC of misusing state resources. (DA leader) John Steenhuisen is hot now, he just concocted something that the president is misusing state resources," he said.

He said they will not interfere with anyone’s business and continue with their campaigning.

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