The oldest man alive, Fredie Blom of Delft - who turned 115 in May - and his wife Jeanette are taught breathing techniques and meditation to improve their quality of life by Swami Purnachaitanya and Francois Beer in celebration of International Day of Yoga today.
Cape Town – At the age of 115, Fredie Blom of Delft is finding inner peace.

This week, Blom had the unique experience of practising yoga for the first time after a special visit from international spiritual teacher Swami Purnachaitanya of The Art of Living Foundation.

Purnachaitanya, who is a senior international trainer of The Art of Living Foundation in the Netherlands, offered to teach Blom and his wife Jeanette, 86, some simple yoga techniques to calm the mind and control Blom’s blood pressure.

As the couple learnt a simple pranayama, or breathing technique, and were guided through a meditation, Blom said he was in good spirits.

“My heart and body feel strong and my mind feels clear and calm. I like it,” said Blom.

Jeanette added: “We will practise this every day; it will be good for him. Please let us know when you can come again.

“I would like to invite some more people so they can learn about what you are teaching.”

Blom is a humble and happily married man living in a small home. He can still walk without support, albeit not as fast as he used to, and still dresses himself. 

Having read a newspaper article in the Washington Post about Blom, Purnachaitanya, who was visiting Cape Town for a series of yoga programmes in the run-up to International Day of Yoga, celebrated today, decided to visit Blom and his family.

“His health is quite good, but sometimes he gets high blood pressure,” said Jeanette.

For more information on Yoga Day events, contact the Indian consulate in Cape Town via email: [email protected] or call 021 419 3110.

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