Severe damage has been caused to an office block in Queen Street in Zonnebloem, which housed a school and residence for girls, after a fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon. Screengrab: Facebook

Cape Town – City Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson Edward Bosch says they were alerted to a fire at the residence and office block of a school in the Zonnebloem area just before 4pm on Wednesday.

This after last Thursday's blaze at the Holy Cross Primary School in Zonnnebloem destroyed, among others, a newly renovated library, three classrooms and a computer lab.

"Seven firefighting vehicles and a rescue vehicle with 32 firefighters responded to the incident. Severe fire damage was caused to the res and office block of the school. 

"No injuries were reported and all the learners were accounted for. The cause of the fire is still under investigation," Bosch said.

According to two of the girls' rescuers, who spoke to eNCA, the girls could not get out as they had been locked in classrooms. 

"Those girls were trapped inside the classrooms. They were locked inside... We had to open the windows to get those girls out. 

"Those girls were terrified… they were crying and shouting… The fire was too big… I just took them out of that place," said the male rescuer, who assisted "roughly more than 20 girls".

He "had no idea what kind of school it is" and added that it was a boarding school for girls. There was no name visible on the exterior of the building.

The actor and television presenter Soli Philander tweeted during the blaze: "Firetrucks approaching – seems like the rest of us are going to be ok. 

"Less so in the 'Turkish Home' (the old Rahmania School) next door. Lots of explosions – dark smoke. And Hilda's house next door definitely victim to damage."

The building next to mine on fire.
Apparently I'm not to sick to evacuate. Die Terrace is onner roek! #SpringfieldTerrace #d6

— Soli Philander (@SoliPhilander) February 13, 2019

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