BRIDGING GAPS: The Gugulethu Reconciliation Race is on Saturday, December 16. Picture: Courtney Africa/ANA
Cape Town - With the starting line in sight for the RCS Gugs Race, Cape Times editor Aneez Salie has encouraged people to go out in their thousands in the spirit of reconciliation.

The RCS Gugs Race, now in its 17th year, takes place in Gugulethu on Reconciliation Day, Saturday, December 16.

This year runners will represent various clubs from throughout the Peninsula and will include local celebs and race MC for this year, top local actor Siv Ngesi.

Salie said the race was incredible as it not only brought people together, but allowed for reconciliation.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with this race and we urge people to come out in their thousands.

“There is nothing more important than reconciliation.

“And how do we do our bit, practically? This is how.

“The race is not only for those who are fit, it is for the whole family.

“There will be jumping-castles, music, and the whole family can have fun and reconcile,” Salie said.

The RCS Gugs Race is one of the only platforms that brings together diverse communities in one of the city’s oldest suburbs. The event is accessible to runners of all fitness levels, and includes a 4.2km as well as a 10km option.

The route passes some of the key sites that shaped Gugulethu during the turbulent apartheid years, such as the The Gugulethu 7 Memorial and the Amy Biehl Memorial.

“It’s the anniversary of Tata Madiba’s death, and there was no one who promoted reconciliation around the world more than him.

“The Cape Times’s ethos is to build bridges and reconcile to bridge the generation gap, racial gap, the gender gap you name it,” Salie said.

Since its establishment in 2000, the race has been focused on greater participation with a wider appeal and a family atmosphere.

It’s a vision driven largely by Gugulethu Athletics Club chairperson Gladwell Ndzube, who is fuelled by a desire to create a running culture among residents of Gugulethu.

Entries are available online via or at the venue on race day from 5.30am onwards.