Khalid Mishal
Khalid Mishal

Hamas looks to ANC to free Palestine

By MIKE Time of article published Oct 21, 2015

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Michael Nkalane

HAMAS leader Khalid Mishal said yesterday it was pinning its hopes on the ANC to help free Palestine.

The party had been bold and courageous to host them even though the international community shunned them.

Mishal was speaking to almost 2 000 people at the Dural Islam Boys High School in Athlone, at an event arranged by the Western Cape ANC and the Muslim Judicial Council.

ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said inviting Hamas to SA was key to achieving the resolution of differences between Palestine and Israel.

“Our invitation to Hamas, as one of the principal players in the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, is in keeping with our policies of working towards a peaceful world.” Kodwa said.

The Hamas delegation spent the past three days in the country.

Speaking to loud applause, Khalid said SA’s humanity could not be found anywhere else in the world.

“I admire Zuma’s bold and courageous heart to host us.

“Because of Israel, the international community knows us (only) as terrorists.

“Thanks for allowing us this rare opportunity to tell of our years of struggle against Zionist Israel,” he said.

Mishal said they were pinning their hopes on the ANC to help free the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Your struggle has inspired us to achieve our freedom. We were inspired when you liberated your country. Although we are still subjected to the inhumane brutality of Israel we still believe that one day we will be free.”

When he arrived accompanied by the ANC’s provincial chairman Marius Fransman and an executive member of the ANC David Mahlobo, a fully packed school hall reverberated with chants of “free, free Palestine. Free Al-Aqsa”.

Fransman said they resolved at the ANC's National General Council to ensure the freedom of Palestine.

“We cannot watch as the world closes its eyes,” he said.

He commended Hamas’ sacrifice and courage.

“You have shown that you are prepared to die for the ideals of a free Palestine, just like we did here. The ANC was also seen as terrorists. A united society can topple any form of unjust government as we did. You have our support.”

MJC President Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks said: “We lived under colonialism and apartheid. Today we are free. You too will soon be free.”

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