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Cape Town - One of the first aspects of driving in a fuel-efficient manner is to be aware of your driving style, car company Nissan says. 

If you drive like Lewis Hamilton during a Grand Prix race, you’re never going to save fuel, but if you concentrate on driving smoothly, your fuel will last longer.

Don’t constantly speed up and brake, as this type of driving burns additional fuel. Rather try to keep your speed constant while accelerating and braking gradually.

Give yourself enough time to get to a destination, and get into the habit of leaving early to ensure you aren’t forced into driving fast. Also try to avoid rush-hour traffic.

Ensure that your car is serviced according to its service schedule as this will also help you identify fuel-sapping problems ahead of time.

Check your tyre pressure regularly as low tyre pressure will result in your engine working harder and burning more fuel.

If you use your vehicle to carry heavy objects, ensure they are not in your car for longer than necessary.

Use cruise control whenever the opportunity presents itself as this technology accelerates and decelerates the vehicle smoothly.

Stick to the speed limit. You might think you’re saving time by breaking the law, but you’ll end up spending more on fuel and traffic fines.

Be aware of how you use the air-con as your car uses more fuel to power your air-con at low speeds.

Plan your route ahead of time and check navigation apps to choose the shortest, most hassle-free route to your destination.

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