Cape Town. 160718. Independent staff and other organisations handout food and clothing to the homeless and destitute on Church square in cape town as part of the Nelson Mandela 67 minutes. pic Courtney Africa

CHURCH Square in the CBD was a hive of activity yesterday as Doppio Zero’s Ladles of Love project, the Independent Media and South African Institute of Chartered Accountants' (Saica) street store kicked off their Mandela Day initiatives.

Daniele Diliberto, the owner of Doppio Zero, and the Ladles of Love set out to distribute 700 jerseys and jackets, along with hot soup, to the homeless of Cape Town.

Cape Times owner Independent Media joined the initiative and staff from Newspaper House prepared 1 800 sandwiches from bread, butter and cold meat donated by Albany, Enterprise, Good Hope Meat Hyper, Dursots and 1-Up Cash & Carry.

It also sent sandwiches to Boost Africa and Garden Village Primary School in Garden 
Village, Maitland.

Diliberto said Ladles of Love runs three soup kitchens a week and yesterday's project was a continuation of last year's blanket drive.

“This year we decided to donate jerseys and jackets to the homeless as blankets get stolen or misplaced. Along with Independent Media and our contact at Coke, we also provided hot meals and a cold drink in the spirit of Mandela Day,” said Diliberto.

The initiative was shared on social media with an "incredible" response.

Dinah Josephs and Cindy Matheyse work in the city and while looking for a worthy cause for their 67 minutes came upon the project.

“We felt this was ideal and worthwhile, so urged our boss to allow us to participate today. It feels good to give back to people who really need a hot meal and a warm coat for 
winter,” said Josephs.

Recipient Cina Stanfield said she expected Doppio to provide soup, but was pleasantly surprised when she saw the jerseys and coats, saying they were a blessing.

Saica’s initiative on Mandela Day was its street store.

Saica employee Anthonise van der Lilly said the initiative was meant to make the recipients feel as though they were in a store.

“We provided a mirror and helped in choosing sizes so the people collecting the clothing could get that experience. Our members who came to donate also donated their 67 minutes by helping recipients select clothes,” said Van der Lilly.

Saica regional executive Christiaan Vorster said seeing younger members eager to participate was amazing and exactly what Madiba Day inspired.

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