Aftermath of the accident in which the driver of a BMW lost control of his vehicle after changing lanes at high speed on Monday. Photo: Supplied

Cape Town – An alleged illegal street racer who crashed his vehicle into a centre barrier on Sable Road, the off-ramp from the N1 at Century City, has had to have his legs amputated.

Videos of the accident, in which the driver of a BMW lost control of his vehicle, rolling several times, after changing lanes at high speed, have been circulated on social media, with the City condemning the alleged illegal street racing incident.

The 26-year-old Taufiq Carr had sustained serious leg and head injuries when paramedics transported him to hospital.

The Cape Town businessman's mother, Moesna Carr, said her son remained sedated and was "not really conscious", News24 reported.

"He's young – all of the youngsters of today are crazy over cars," Moesna said. 

"I wasn't there... I didn't know he was going out of the house and going to race. I can't explain that and nobody is trying to justify it. 

"Everything else is irrelevant. What happened, happened. We as a family, and him and his young family, are facing the consequences.

"This is a lesson for him, and for everyone. We are not asking for people's sympathy, but their prayers. This was put out for us – a test from God. We're just so grateful he is alive."

Mayco Safety and Security member JP Smith said after the incident, which took place just after midnight on Monday, "it is just the latest example of the devastation wrought by illegal street racers on our streets”.

The video clips show how the BMW driver seemingly raced against a motorbike and another vehicle before crossing two lanes and narrowly missing other road users before crashing into a centre barrier.

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