Picture: Mike Hutchings/Reuters
Responding to news reports that Eskom has received a new R36 billion bill for unforseen costs at Kusile, which the utility is “shocked” by, Happy Khambule, Greenpeace Africa’s political adviser, says: “Greenpeace is going to say it: we told you so. 

"We have been saying for years that Kusile is a terrible investment, with massive negative externalities, and ballooning costs. Eskom’s addiction to coal is at the centre of South Africa’s energy woes.

“It is this dependence that has allowed the utility to throw massive amounts of money that it categorically does not have into a bottomless pit to try to complete Kusile.

“If Eskom is shocked by its latest R36bn bill, Greenpeace is equally shocked that the utility is pushing ahead with a dead-end project, which has been poorly executed and cannot easily be turned around.

“The truth is that Eskom is in real trouble, and so are Medupi and Kusile.

“South Africans are sick and tired of our dysfunctional electricity supply industry, and trying to complete Kusile simply does not make sense, any way you look at it. 

"Eskom needs to cancel Kusile and shift investments into renewable energy to avoid a death spiral that it cannot escape.”

Chris Vlavianos

Greenpeace Africa

Communications officer