Anathi Sikhafungana Photo: Supplied
Kraaifontein - A Kraaifontein family has issued a desperate appeal for the safe return of 20-year-old Anathi Sikhafungana, who they said had been kidnapped and has been missing for more than a week.

They approached the Cape Times this week, asking for anyone with information that may help locate her to come forward.

The family says they have not received the assistance they expected from the police, despite having provided them with text messages from her alleged kidnappers and a voice-note from Sikhafungana asking for help.

One of the chilling messages sent to Sikhafungana’s cousin, Palesa, reads: “She is still alive I won’t hurt or kill her. I just want to make money with her. She is so sweet. When I am done with her I will tell you where you must go and fetch her. I’m not that bad I just need money.”

The 20-year-old from Wallacedene was last seen leaving for night school classes in Bloekombos last Wednesday.

Her uncle Michael said: “We don’t know what to do or where to really start looking for her. Anyone who can help or has an idea how we can find her is welcome to share it with the police and the family.

“Her phone was tracked in Nyanga on Sunday, and they might have changed locations now. We are hoping the police will act swiftly and try to locate these people as soon as possible. We can confidently say she has not run away from home.

In a one-minute voice note sent to her cousin Palesa, Anathi Sikafungane struggles to speak while crying. Video: Louis Neethling (Photos: Supplied)

“We don’t have any family in Nyanga and her friends also confirm she doesn’t know anyone there. She wants to come back. This just feels like a nightmare or like we are watching some movie.”

In a one-minute voice note sent to Palesa, Sikafungane is struggling to speak while crying.

“Cousin, I don’t know where I am. I was given this chance to speak to you. This place is empty and doesn’t have any windows, this man had mercy and still has my phone on him. He said I’m wasting my time sending this.”

She pauses for a while, crying and continues: “Please, please find me.”

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said he had asked Kraaifontein to provide him with a report. He had not responded by the time of publishing.

Anyone with information can contact Michael at 081 087 7755 or Crime Stop anonymously at 086 001011 or SMS Crime Line at 32211.