Locals 'clamouring' for Steve Hofmeyr concert

Controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr Picture: Etienne Creux

Controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr Picture: Etienne Creux

Published Mar 20, 2018


The concert by Afrikaans musician Steve Hofmeyr to raise funds for a George school was due to locals clamouring to see more of the artist.

This was according to promoter for the event Michelle Bruwer, who said the event had been sold out since last month.

This despite the outcry received from other locals and political parties following the announcement of the concert on March 22.

Bruwer said Hofmeyr had performed on two occasions last year and there was no backlash from the public at the time.

The ANC threatened to demonstrate outside the venue, while DA provincial leader Bonginkosi Madikizela applauded the municipality for making a “principled decision”.

George municipality initially withdrew the lease agreement for its city hall for the event, following a public backlash but backtracked on this decision.

The ANC called for all sectors of society and all political parties to protest and publicly show disdain for the municipality green lighting Hofmeyr’s concert.

Virgil Gericke, the leader of George political party Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners, said he had seen proof that the initial

agreement for the lease of the city hall was with the school.

He said the only other discrepancy was that the initial decision to cancel the agreement still stood as no new request to lease the event was submitted.

Hofmeyr posted on Facebook page: “The George concert continues. People like the ANC, the Pienaars and Sloede cannot force you to be unconstitutional or fascist. Remember how much brutal hate speech and racism these people ignore in order to make me the only ‘racist’ in South Africa to be punished.

"This is their problem. This is why their attempts do not work. It has no credibility.”

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