Photo: Supplied
This weekend, 10 non-profit and citizen-led activist groups will join forces for a mass clean-up at the mouth of the Black River.

The clean up, which takes place on Saturday, was spurred on by the magnitude of pollution into Table Bay. Head of volunteering at #SeaTheBiggerPicture, one of the event organisers, Stefanie Titus, said: “This has prompted us to join forces with several other volunteer river and beach cleaning initiatives to tackle the urgent situation.”

Also from #SeaTheBiggerPicture, Chris Krauss stressed that while trash often ends up on the beaches, “more important are the effects of all this waste in our fresh and sea water mass, which are devastating for bird and marine life”.

Founder of the Plastic Pollution Initiative, Chavonne Snyman, said they have seen that uncontrolled dumping upstream means that, during heavy rain, “plastic, mattresses, TVs, nurdles, medical and other waste wash down the river into the ocean”. The mass clean up starts at 10am. Participants will be provided with gloves and buckets.

Parking can be found on either side of the river, in President Kruger or Nautilus streets, Paarden Eiland.

Meanwhile, authorities in Knysna have instituted multiple interventions to probe and address sources of pollution in the Knysna Estuary.