Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi Photo: ANA Pictures
Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi has threatened to crack the whip at Langa police station after his phone calls went unanswered at the weekend.

Mkongi said he called the station on 12 occasions to get clarity on a complaint to him by a resident claiming she was unlawfully arrested.

The fuming Mkongi had also wanted to raise other issues he was concerned about, including an illegal pub where he alleged people were stabbed and carried dangerous weapons.

“No one is picking up the calls at that police station.

“Then you ask yourself how many people are calling that police station and there is no service?

“For about an hour today (Sunday), I have been phoning that station. Why do they not want to work?” Mkongi said.

“The issue is an unlawful arrest; that is the fundamental one. Two, it’s a pub owned where most people are killed. It must stop. 

"I want that place closed down and I am going to close it down. The third thing is that I do not want people walking around carrying knives in Langa. You know people are being stabbed there.”

“I have powers to take action. It’s difficult for me to take a decision until I see them. I do not know those guys.

“For an example I can fire the station commander. He/she is the one responsible for that.

‘‘I can fire him tomorrow. I can go to Langa tomorrow and check what is it that they are doing there. It’s a pity that I am in Pretoria.”

Langa police station’s Colonel Musawenkosi Mbatha said Mkongi needed to indicate what number he had called so they could look into the matter.

He said sometimes calls went through a switchboard before reaching the police.

“There is a direct number. I will explain that so he gets an answer. The number he may have called may be the switchboard number, which is currently not working right now.”

Mbatha advised Mkongi to call 021 695 8044/45, which he said was also made available to residents.

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