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Cape Town – The runaway success of Mitchells Plain author Yusuf Daniels’ new book, Living Coloured, is proof that the spirit of ubuntu is alive and well in Cape Town.

The book’s unexpected success as the sold-out number one best seller in its first week at Exclusive Books stores at Cape Town International Airport, Canal Walk and Constantia, with 12 copies left at Cavendish Square and 23 at the Waterfront, surprised Daniels.

“Now this did not happen because my book is super kwaai. This did not happen because that laaitie on the front cover is oulik.

“This did not happen because I have a degree in literature or English.

“This purely happened because a community decided they were going to support someone who basically asked to be supported. How amazing is this, when a community comes together and supports local businesses. In this case, me,” he said.

He said the success of his book proved anything could be achieved if communities supported each other.

“This to me is nothing short of amazing. Here’s a klonkie from Mitchells Plain hitting top of the pops. Thank you, thank you.”

Asked what inspired him to write the book, Daniels, 43, who grew up in Bridgetown, Athlone and Portlands in Mitchells Plain, launched his book at the premises of various small businesses to support them as well.

“There was no inspiration, this book came out of nowhere. I started writing stories on Facebook for fun.

“I decided to use this book platform to promote local small businesses in the community, as it’s difficult and costly for them to get advertising coverage,” he said.

Friend Feroza Petersen said the book gave inspiration to those who suffered under apartheid: “I think he portrays life as a child during apartheid hilariously well. It brought many childhood memories for me.”

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