Mitchells Plain man wins the Lotto twice – this time for R61 million

File picture: African News Agency (ANA)

File picture: African News Agency (ANA)

Published Aug 13, 2019


Cape Town – Fortune continues to smile on a lucky Mitchells Plain man who has won the Lotto twice.

Seven years ago, the father of three won about R75 000, but this time he really hit the jackpot, claiming a massive R61 million in the July 27 draw.

He bought his ticket from a Total garage in Highlands Drive and Fulham Road, using the quick pick Selection method on a R20 wager.

Speaking to SA’s national lottery operator, Ithuba, he described the conditions under which he had been living in before striking it lucky.

“I had not been working for the past five years, until I got a contract job early this year. Although this job is difficult and demands excessive physical strength, I was grateful to be able to help put food on the table for my family,” he said.

The winner said that when he had his first Lotto win, he and his partner were renting a back room with their three children.

“When I won the R75 000, I used the money to buil a four-roomed house in which we have been living in since,” he said.

This time, he has much bigger plans.

“This money will change our family’s life forever. I can now afford to buy a much bigger house where each of my children can have their own bedroom. I want to invest a large portion of the winnings so that my family never suffers again,” he said.

On the secret to selecting winning numbers, he said: “When I play a quick pick selection method and the ticket doesn’t win, I never throw it away. I always use that ticket to carefully pick my next set of numbers.

“It is usually the numbers that did not come up in the previous draws. I have a drawer full of lottery tickets and each time I want to select my own numbers, I pull them out and use them as clues to guess the winning numbers. This time, however, the quick pick method worked.

The winner said he would not stop playing the lottery.

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