Mushfiq Daniels Photo: Facebook
Mushfiq Daniels Photo: Facebook

Mom hopeful after missing English teacher from Cape is spotted in Vietnam

By Staff Writer Time of article published Oct 10, 2019

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Cape Town – Mushfiq Daniels' family's hopes of being reunited with the 28-year-old from Surrey Estate have been boosted after he was spotted in Ho Cho Minh City, Vietnam.

Daniels was last seen walking to his flat on July 5, but his mother, Faheema Adams, who is in Ho Chi Minh City to assist in the investigation, told the Cape Times on Thursday: "He was spotted two weeks ago by a shopowner."

What helped the shopowner identify Daniels, who was teaching English in Vietnam, was that a picture of him was recently digitally modified to show him with a long beard.

Adams, who flew to Vietnam shortly after her son went missing, said: "My son of 25 and my cousin who has a bad knee are assisting me in the search. 

"So it's the three of us in a city of 20 million people. Thanks to social media I could spread the news in all the expat and local groups –everyone is on the lookout. 

"Every day is a day too long. He needs medical attention ASAP. Without medical attention he might be suffering from amnesia and might not even know his own name or that he is a South African," said a still hopeful Adams.

Reports and rumours about her son's safety and condition, including alleged involvement in organ trafficking, cults and drugs, had caused her to fall ill and suffer a mild heart attack in August. 

“I have hope and I know he is still alive and he is out there. He is a good child. To go through all of this is upsetting, it's like a circus, but a child's life is at stake,” she said at the time.

The mother of another South African who was teaching English in Vietnam who went missing, John Bothma, 23, flew to Ho Chi Minh City last week to help search for her son, who went missing on May 18, YOU reported.

Bothma picked up her son's passport from the South African embassy soon after her arrival, after police had found it in his room in Ho Cho Minh City and sent it to the SA embassy.

Kempton Park resident Colleen Bothma is expected to meet with Daniels' mother while in Vietnam. 

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