Chapman's Peak Drive File picture: Xinhua/Chen Cheng
Chapman's Peak Drive File picture: Xinhua/Chen Cheng

Motorist commits suicide on Chapman's Peak, woman falls on Lion's Head

By Staff Writer Time of article published Jan 27, 2020

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Cape Town – A man is alleged to have taken his life by driving off the road at an outlook point on Chapman's Peak Drive in Hout Bay.

It's believed the incident took place around 2.33pm on Sunday. Last night, Western Cape Search and Rescue teams were still battling to retrieve the man's body along the M6 route. 

Western Cape Search and Rescue spokesperson Johan Marais said the "stricken" man was spotted around 3.51pm by a Skymed 1 helicopter on a steep slope below the viewpoint on Chapman's Peak Drive

"The person is lying on a ledge in a dangerous position. Strong wind is preventing Skymed from operating safely under the circumstances. Technical teams will be deployed shortly," Marais said yesterday.

City of Cape Town Traffic spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout said last night: "Suicide is confirmed. Alleged adult male drove over the cliff of Chapman's Peak. Currently only one lane closed on Chapman's Peak."

Marais said on Monday: "After medical rescue technicians reached the location on the mountain slope, the gentleman was unfortunately declared deceased on the scene.

"His body was extracted by means of a stretcher as well as the use of complex rope and hauling systems, which were set up and managed from the road."

The recovered body was handed to the Western Cape Department of Health Forensic Pathology Services.

Mieshka Dollie Picture: Facebook

Earlier on Sunday, a 21-year-old female sustained injuries near the second ladder on Lion's Head after plummeting down. 

She was found to have sustained serious injuries after falling 13 metres and required advanced life-support intervention to stabilise her.

The WSAR said they were activated at 10.04am on Sunday after a caller reported that a hiker had fallen near the chains and staples section on Lion’s Head.

A team comprising a medical rescue technician reached the patient after walking for about 20 minutes. 

"On arrival it was discovered that a 21-year-old local female had sustained injuries to her head and arm," the WSAR said. 

The Western Cape Department of Health Air Mercy Services helicopter airlifted her off the mountain to an awaiting ambulance.

The WSAR commended the first aid efforts of the hikers, a group of Stellenbosch University medical students, who assisted the woman, CPUT student Mieshka Dollie, immediately after the accident.

Dollie sustained a head wound and a broken arm after losing her footing on a sandy, slippery stretch on the mountain, Die Burger reported. She didn't lose consciousness and is recovering in hospital.

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