New DA MPs should be ‘kicked out’ of party for ‘bringing it into disrepute,’ – analyst

DA MPs Ian Cameron and Renaldo Gouws.

DA MPs Ian Cameron and Renaldo Gouws.

Published Jun 24, 2024


Recently sworn-in DA MPs Ian Cameron and Renaldo Gouws should be “kicked out” of the party for bringing it into disrepute, says Stellenbosch University Political Science professor and analyst, Amanda Gouws.

However the DA has not indicated what action, if any, it will take against Cameron after footage and photographs emerged of him in blackface.

IOL reported at the weekend that Cameron was recorded in blackface at an AfriForum Youth protest outside the Department of Higher Education and Training in 2012. The group had reportedly claimed that the university's admissions policy eroded the rights of white South Africans.

The incident comes as the DA was under pressure to remove Gouws for using derogatory language, including the k-word, in a 2009 video.

The party had only suspended him. DA head of communications Richard Newton said: “The party notes the emergence of a video of DA MP Ian Cameron taking part in a protest 12 years ago as an activist for AfriForum. Mr Cameron has clarified his participation in this protest against unfair admissions policies at an institution of higher learning.”

Probed about whether the party would take action, Newton did not comment further.

Both Cameron and Gouws declined to comment.

Amanda Gouws said both individuals should be “kicked out by the party”.

“This is a very sensitive time. This type of thing can have an impact on the GNU,” said Amanda Gouws. The actions by both MP’s could be political career suicide.

“It can end their careers. This is racism and other parties will take a dim view of this,” said Amanda Gouws.

In a statement, the EFF said the DA “poses a significant danger to black people given that it deploys white supremacists to positions of power”.

“The EFF condemns the ongoing deep-rooted racism of the DA and its leaders.

“This incident is not isolated but is part of a broader troubling pattern within the DA. South Africa does not need a party that perpetuates and tolerates white supremacy,” said the EFF.

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