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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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NPO appeals for Gaza casualties’ assistance

File photo: Reuters

File photo: Reuters

Published May 30, 2018


Local NPO the Sharing Hope initiative has launched a fund-raising campaign to assist the Federal Islamic Medical Association (Fima) with much-needed medical supplies for Gaza, where thousands were injured and hundreds killed this month.

Sharing Hope’s Fatima Wise said: “Following recent attacks on Gaza, due to the great return march, we received information from the embassy in Qatar that Palestinians requested assistance from South Africa.

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“They were running low on medical supplies and expecting many more casualties after the march.

“It was not a question of will we do it or not; we just needed to figure out a vehicle to get our fund-raising across, and Fima have direct links with the ministry of health in Palestine, they know exactly what equipment is needed.”

Fima treasurer Ashraf Jedaar said the situation was dire as medical services in Gaza had been depleted of essential care, medicine, surgical appliances and rehydration fluids.

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“The blockade of border crossings for the past 10 years has caused a shortage of supplies through the crossing.

“Since the march of great return, over 12 000 injuries came through their doors and 112 deaths.”

He said because of electricity cuts the level of care had been affected.

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“A very big problem is also the rate of amputation due to a lack of resources. With about 9500 severe injuries, imagine the challenges.”

Jedaar said assisting with patient care was their main mission.

“We need medical humanitarian aid like supplies, services - if doctors can give us their time to come and assist. Nurses, ICU sisters, vascular surgeons... we need all the help we can get.”

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While the immediate need was supplies, they would also be looking at rehabilitation means like wheelchairs and walking aids due to the number of amputees, Jedaar added. Wise has asked members of the public to help.

Sharing Hope will also team up with Eid For All on June 9 for a market, where they will sell second-hand donated Eid clothing at Mitchells Plain Town Centre to raise money for Syria and Gaza. All clothing items will sell for under R50.

To donate, Sharing Hope can be contacted at [email protected]

Donations can also be made directly to the Fima account.

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