A heavy-duty truck had to be called to remove more than 3km of cable at Netreg train station. Picture: Supplied
A heavy-duty truck had to be called to remove more than 3km of cable at Netreg train station. Picture: Supplied

Over 3km of cable recovered after suspects escape at Netreg train station

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Dec 2, 2019

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Cape Town – Rail Enforcement and Metal Theft Unit members prevented suspects from absconding with more than 3km of cable at the notorious Netreg train station in Kalksteenfontein.


They were on crime-prevention patrols early on Monday morning at Netreg station on the Central line, an area highly problematic in terms of vandalism and cable theft, when they observed a group of men cutting cable close to the Kreefgat side of the railway line, City Law Enforcement Inspector Wayne Dyason said. 

"Suddenly one of their lookouts warned them of Law Enforcement's presence by blowing a whistle. The suspects ran into Kreefgat and escaped," Dyason said.

"The officers walked next to the cut cable and saw its length was longer than the platform. They measured the cable and it was just over 3km in total. A heavy-duty truck was called to remove the cable."

On Saturday in the Kalksteenfontein area, officers arrested a knife-wielding suspect. After searching him, they also found mandrax in his possession. 

"They also assisted a member of the public who said he was approached by three suspects with a knife and firearm who attempted to rob him. 

"They checked the area and found the suspects. Two of them were caught after a brief chase. One was arrested for being in possession of a knife and imitation firearm."

On the same day, five suspects were busy stealing cable in the Kreefgat area when officers closed in on them. Unfortunately, all five managed to escape but left behind about 300 metres of cable. 

Also in Kalksteenfontein, the officers arrested a suspect who was found in possession of 20 metres of cable.

On the same day, the City's Metal Theft and Rail Enforcement units responded to information about cable theft occurring at Bonteheuwel station. The stolen cable was allegedly taken to an address close by. 

Members of the Metal Theft, assisted by Metro Police, conducted an inspection at the property, Dyason said. 

The officers found the cable on the property. Two suspects were arrested for the possession of stolen property. 

On Friday at about 7.30pm, Law Enforcement Rail Unit officers were again called out to Netreg station, where a suspect was busy cutting overhead feeder cable. 

The officers surprised him with their quick arrival on the scene, but he nevertheless tried to run. He was quickly caught and arrested. 

A hacksaw and 190 metres of cable were recovered.

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