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Cape Town – Police are investigating the motive and possible connection behind two separate shooting incidents in Thembalethu, which is part of the George municipality, which killed two people. 

After a shooting in the area on Monday which left one man dead, police discovered the body of a man lying in a ravine between Thembalethu and Pacaltsdorp on Tuesday. 

Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie said on Wednesday: "We yesterday discovered another body after a passer-by found a body in the ditch between Rosedale, Pacaltsdorp and Thembalethu Zone 9. 

"We believe that the body that we found could have fallen victim to the same shooting incident on Monday night. We are investigating the possibilities that both these cases can be linked, but in this moment in time the evidence does not suggest that. "

Thando Mbambo, 36, was shot in the chest when three men ambushed him at 7.20pm on Monday while he was walking home in Tabata Street in Zone 9, Thembalethu.

Police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie said Mbambo was shot at point-blank range before his firearm was stolen.

“It is alleged that the men, of whom two were armed with firearms, demanded his firearm and one of the suspects shot him at point-blank range. He succumbed to a single gunshot wound to his chest.

“It is believed that the motive could have been robbery of (his) firearm,” he said.

Pojie said Mbambo’s other personal belongings, such as his car keys, wallet and driving licence, were found on the scene, the George Herald reported.

“We believe that the suspects took the deceased’s firearm and fled from the scene,” he said.

In another incident, two teenagers were shot and injured while walking on the footpath between Zone 9 in Thembalethu and Rosedale in Pacaltsdorp at 8pm on Monday.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that the victims, aged 18 and 19 years old, were ambushed by two suspects armed with firearms as they were on their way to Lawaaikamp.”

Pojie said that the victims were struck by bullets while running away.

“While running towards Rosedale, the 19-year-old, who was hit in his leg, collapsed in the ravine, where police and paramedics later found him. 

"The other wounded victim, an 18-year-old boy, who sustained multiple wounds to the abdomen, chest and arm, managed to reach the sidewalk in Rebecca Street, Rosedale, where he collapsed due to the injuries he sustained."

Both teenagers were taken to hospital.