Ludovic Baussan initiated the Inside Out project in South Africa, calling it “Generation Next”. Photo: Facebook

Cape Town – Inspired by the number of small organisations involved in social initiatives, a collective of photographers, filmmakers, social entrepreneurs and artists have installed a wall of black and white portraits showcasing positive change-makers at the Cape Town train station.

Ludovic Baussan, who initiated the Inside Out project in South Africa, calling it “Generation Next”, said: “We hope that this art installation will shift some established perceptions, spark some interesting conversations among the public and inspire a new generation of positive change-makers.”

The installation runs until August 30.

Inside Out gives people the opportunity to share their portrait and make a statement on what they stand for.

“The project (Generation Next) wants to highlight that it is not necessary to have a lot of money to have a strong impact on society, promote values and ideals, and contribute to positive change,” said Baussan.

The change-makers were chosen based on their involvement in various initiatives.

“We usually hear a lot about the social projects undertaken by government and large organisations, but rarely the ones from individuals and smaller organisations. I thought it was important to share the inspiring stories of these change-makers with all Capetonians.

“Also, as a documentary photographer, I’m fascinated by the power of images as a tool for social change,” said Baussan.

He said he felt proud seeing the mural installed and felt it was an important story to share as “almost three decades after the end of apartheid, and despite progress accomplished, South African society is still deeply divided.”

Change-maker Sophumla Ntoyabo, 26, runs a food garden called the Ubuhle Bendalo Food Garden in Khayelitsha Site B.

“As a change-maker, seeing my photo in the City feels good. I believe the change is seen more in the community than there at the station but when somebody asks why my picture is there, I can tell them about my project.

“We cultivate fresh organic vegetables, selling ithem to the community and a portion in the City.

“On Fridays we also go out to the community and engage them to establish home gardens,” Ntoyabo said.

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